Friday, December 4, 2009

New Releases

AQ/Tusco Terror split c30

Al Qaeda/Tusco Terror Split c30

on Midori Records

This tape exists like Yin and Yang, each side a perfect/necessary compliment to the other. Al Qaeda offers up a full, lush drone piece, based around smooth, pure bassy tones and weird moving static. The piece starts out pretty quiet but after a good five minutes the low end soars in as does a soft but loud wall of static. At this point you catch yourself doing nothing else but staying still and listening, immersed in the blissful Al Qaeda sound.
Tusco Terror has the opposite vibe, what sounds like a live recording of what must have been a raging performance. Hard to tell what they're using, but the results are gnarley as fuck--for me it conjures images of gravel storms and tar pits.
ed.30 high bias tapes colour covers

AQ/Fed Up split c10

Al Qaeda/Fed Up Split c10

on Cali Uber Alles Records

Fed Up from Los Angeles bust out 3 songs of raging fast hardcore in the vein of Negative Approach and Siege. Some of the best pissed off hardcore I have heard in a long time. The AQ side is a five minute track of ambient guitars and "crushing" tape loops. For some reason, Eric's guitar reminds me of Moss Icon...
ed.60 on blue cassettes

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