Friday, December 4, 2009

Review of "Another Family Visit" c16

AQ "Another Family Visit" c16

from Vital Weekly

AL QAEDA - ANOTHER FAMILY VISIT (cassette by Rotifer Cassettes)
'Another Family Visit' is the soundtrack to a horror movie, or a David Lynch film, or something to that effect. Perhaps a family visit from Hell, if the title's anything to go by. Al Qaeda's brand of soundscape is dark, brooding, and mechanical - Part I, for example, sounds like it has been recorded in the subterranean furnace of a massive, defunct factory. I'm not sure how these three Californians construct their spellbinding opuses, but the results speak for themselves. Amid the baleful sound one becomes accustomed to a constant, sinister hum which permeates the entire cassette, and above this drone are distant, industrial clangs and vague figments of what might be disguised keyboard drones. Part II is less ominous and even a little hopeful, but Al Qaeda's penchant for dark, dissonant sound keeps this decisively in ghoulish territory. Your best bet is to save this cassette for consumption in complete darkness, as its rich eeriness is best encountered in a suitable environment - if possible, however, one might consider dusting out the Walkman and playing it while wandering through the local abandoned industrial district. (MT)

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